Fee & Payment Information of Coins

Pool sends payments every 1 hour. You don't get your payment? It means coin daemon doesn't allow low payments because of fees. After more blocks, you will get your payments.

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Coin Name Pool Fee Auto Payment Threshold Pool Wallet Address Block Explorer Coin Announcement Markets
CommunityCoin 0% 1 COC CWg5iYZxVZdUAi2yYpZ5ZomAw9zyu767yN COC Explorer COC Announcement Yobit
AdCoin 5% 1 ACC AXUBR59WjiqKxJg1Nu8ptEeY9qenro6AB4 ACC Explorer ACC Announcement Cryptopia, CoinExchange
Aricoin (v1) 5% 1 ARI 5SUjYPvnTXXtFqquW6durqgYj11YKUJbE3 ARI Explorer ARI Announcement Cryptopia
BatCoin 5% 1 BAT AikXNg5bP65VVn3QLxqFsiMQCJc7nHJL1A BAT Explorer BAT Announcement Cryptopia
BolivarCoin 2% 1 BOLI bXnZEU7FPnzEQNXvf9MmAHzqrS9vYGcL5s BOLI Explorer BOLI Announcement Yobit, Cryptopia
CaliphCoin 5% 1 CALC CNHfsjAyVjYU3pfUwTwmHy4Kg3naGK1n4a CALC Explorer CALC Announcement CoinExchange
ChanCoin 1,5% 1 4CHN CLahSQL8psnhf3tSi8HBrVeisPuPRuzMfQ 4CHN Explorer 4CHN Announcement Cryptopia
CheCoin 5% 1 XCHE 9RMC69buaHgZu45LHUTdQqpyPFnQgsp9BQ XCHE Explorer XCHE Announcement CoinExchange
CometCoin 2% 1 CMT Cf8M5GCeDVcC68AGkwDSNk9LpPHveCuDqY CMT Explorer CMT Announcement Yobit, Cryptopia, NovaExchange, CoinExchange
CryptoLottoToken 5% 1 CLT CaZpSm7v5pNveruuMSCwEnkWWwxDesYoT8 CLT Explorer CLT Announcement CoinExchange
ElaCoin 8% 0.5 ELA EeK1HALbJdzBZ3waiV6yVAD6ZvyM113KUb ELA Explorer ELA Announcement Cryptopia
Emerald 2% 1 EMD Eniq3ZdkU3h2QojYdhwEDiBtpbdJ2EjADw EMD Explorer EMD Announcement Cryptopia, Alcurex
EOTToken (EOT Coin) 1,5% 1 EOT EHVcMMu9n9LsYuWWfkZBciNA9e2Ko5ixQB EOTCoin Source&Wallet EOT Website Crypto-Bridge
LiteCoinPlus 2% 1 LCP XSkb67k6LjrYG7kDEt7MLRASY1sFhnDC5D LCP Explorer LCP Website Cryptopia
LycanCoin 5% 1 LYC LPezTm7BJEKuaDTspG2nvfP8xh1g6JpPFP LYC Explorer LYC Website Cryptopia
MaxCoin 2% 1 MAX mP499M6CRDDPNrryPrTD6zhLuQYHGKSAhH MAX Explorer MAX Website Yobit
OctoCoin 5% 1 888 8M5sag9VPrwXqVgm1Dkks9hYU8hVkCropF 888 Explorer 888 Website Yobit, Cryptopia
Petrodollar 5% 1 XPD pFkM5rWSMUWxff93A4zW5PWhpqVFDDbd74 XPD Explorer XPD Announcement Yobit, Cryptopia
Pura 2% 1 PURA PEFQYBfD7dwjnJtMKoCUor1Qd1m8w2TxCi PURA Explorer PURA Announcement CoinExchange, Cryptopia, C-Cex, Kucoin
QubitCoin 5% 1 Q2C GUZK2daVjzKwD9qDEpbvC3BJPUNpc6ePX3 Q2C Explorer Q2C Announcement Cryptopia
SharkCoin 5% 1 SAK Sbb4uGhkKUJ27CsfmsLakjMy3FDDkwopbt SAK Explorer SAK Website Yobit, Cryptopia
SlothCoin 5% 1 SLOTH SXdhaiddjj6oMbXv4osUhYsCC3sFj7wPBR SLOTH Explorer SLOTH Website TradeSatoshi
Starwels 5% 1 MAI 342eV859SKuVVhUxQDEHLp21adF7dxdksj MAI Explorer MAI Announcement BitenTrade
UKCoin 2% 1 UKC Qi6pHcp8tK6ArCMmFrpjahHeP8vuGUArNr UKC Explorer UKC Announcement CoinExchange
UniCoin 5% 1 UNIC Ui1MiBFBdQseini1M4mp4ZeoXU72kYdahq UNIC Explorer UNIC Announcement Cryptopia