Fee & Payment Information of Coins

Pool sends payments every 1 hour. You don't get your payment? It means coin daemon doesn't allow low payments because of fees. After more blocks, you will get your payments.

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Coin Name Pool Fee Auto Payment Threshold Pool Wallet Address Block Explorer Coin Announcement Markets
CommunityCoin 0% 1 COC CLdRLDLqPtfzKStBpz9H5mm1RCBWKzQYdr COC Explorer COC Announcement Yobit
Argus 5% 1 ARGUS 7QwYLmFNq6pGB3NTwKYbQs2S7XDypEiFCz ARGUS Explorer ARGUS Announcement Yobit, Cryptopia, CoinExchange
Aricoin (v1) 5% 1 ARI 5q2LLEM56XoW7QFQyiN7CzhdfPaqvZoiN6 ARI Explorer ARI Announcement Cryptopia
BatCoin 5% 1 BAT AqCBvQtefPudFDyVAfzRTqcV15nRR5ZdE9 BAT Explorer BAT Announcement Cryptopia
BioBar 1,5% 1 BIOB BAcqheW9o8UfNREP3y4nzRf4J4tVEzgXzZ BIOB Explorer BIOB Announcement Yobit
ChanCoin 1,5% 1 4CHN CQReFLzu9uHhAzuyYTHH1riXh8qBVa3kda 4CHN Explorer 4CHN Announcement Cryptopia
CheCoin 5% 1 XCHE 94btxJkLTwCCFZRFhDqLnVjw19bStuQrcD XCHE Explorer XCHE Announcement CoinExchange
Chilicoin 1,5% 1 CHILI cJbuZgWEJZpX8Lv5fcUzhmguNJSjqkytvG CHILI Explorer CHILI Announcement CoinExchange
CoinonatX 1,5% 1 XCXT CTBBL2Hj2XAhh9EXYW2W7jeAbBogDys1Jm XCXT Explorer XCXT Announcement Cryptopia, CoinExchange
CryptoLottoToken 5% 1 CLT CegeshLgVmEP9E45u1xwpFXELkKb6ripYD CLT Explorer CLT Announcement CoinExchange
ElaCoin 5% 1 ELA EfUMygommkfcGpVoc7DCpmgBsn5BsxEr7T ELA Explorer ELA Announcement Cryptopia
EOTToken (EOT Coin) 1,5% 1 EOT EJfqa4yEYXfRMQtBXYCJ6FcxNMMnfFb4Lf EOTCoin Source&Wallet EOT Website Crypto-Bridge
LiteCoinPlus 2% 1 LCP XR3MnU9GGQjmS9GgT7BwySoZKXyE6yuXJV LCP Explorer LCP Website Cryptopia
LycanCoin 5% 1 LYC LYtQ1G2T63P4HkHt4WxYGCDMdkGc1n5rvj LYC Explorer LYC Website Cryptopia
OctoCoin 5% 1 888 8awRz2CYMEXkvucS6VysAaDXmGeF7cKECi 888 Explorer 888 Website Yobit, Cryptopia
Petrodollar 5% 1 XPD pLsXiUzaQbmJ47qqzmZVLmB6ip6wJvBX7Y XPD Explorer XPD Announcement Yobit, Cryptopia
Rupee 1,5% 1 RUP RBXB3ff2AaaGq7MQyCPRzGUP8RpVDesK9b RUP Explorer RUP Website Yobit, Cryptopia, CoinExchange
SharkCoin 5% 1 SAK SQhRB5heNXJcYjcrhG9pUNxjG193GforJU SAK Explorer SAK Website Yobit, Cryptopia
UniCoin 5% 1 UNIC Uiwf593ZEPZWJgwBkMRuesr1xk6yuczANC UNIC Explorer UNIC Announcement Cryptopia